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  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips



    I knew how this would end, but to begin with i didn't care, throughout the movie i had forgotten and was so tense! Everything feels so real, its raw, focused, without melodrama, full off bravery and powerful acting.

    Just when i thought Tom Hanks had show me everything he got, he proves me wrong, this is one of his greatest! Right from the start, through a very simple conversation with his wife, you believe him in…

  • They Call Me Trinity

    They Call Me Trinity


    The Greatest from one of the greatest duo acts in Cinema, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

    This movie was a big part of my childhood, i watched it so many times, that i suspect it was a big reason i learned English young. The perfect chemistry between Spencer and Hill, the charm, the humor and maximum volume on the punching sound effects, makes this such an entertaining rewatch.

    Bud Spencer, was one off my heroes as a child, an imperfect…

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  • Ponyo



    I might be to old for this movie.

    I have always been very late, when it comes to Miyazaki, which makes a difference. To see this as a kid would be great, filled with childlike Wonder, as a 26 year old, its very beautiful and not much more.

    This is probably the most unscary Miyazaki movie, therefore it can be a great introduction to his films, especially for young kids.

    A beautiful and simple movie, that will empower the imagination in kids.

  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot


    My Favorite from one of the all-time greatest, Billy Wilder.

    This movie is a perfect piece of movie history, a brilliant script, great acting, hilarious comedy, never again matched charm and an amazing mix of comedy and gangster genre.

    Jack Lemmon, as you can also witness in The Apartment, Jack Lemmon is the number one line deliver, in all off movie history! Every line, mimic, reaction, look and dansemove from him in this, is perfect! Not a single moment from…