Nymphomaniac: Vol. I ★★

Director Project

Director: Lars Von Trier (First Film)

I've gone straight in with Von Trier despite having only added him to my project, because A). 2014 and B). Any excuse to see naked people. I've been wanting to catch up with some of the releases of this year that I've missed, so yeah, here we are. A few FAQs:

"Did you get a boner?"

"Did you masturbate?"

"Do you like boobies?"
Indeed I do.

"Do you like penis?"
Depends on whose.

"Did you find the sex boring?"

"How about the film?"
Most definitely.

"Will you watch the second one?"
I have to, don't I? It's a part of the project, and anyway, Lars specifically promised more nudity in this one. And unlike the old man pretending not to be a pervert, I most definitely am one.

"If you could have sex with anyone, who would you have sex with?"
That's a despicable question and I refuse to answer it (Todd).

"What's your sexual fantasy?"
Well this is getting personal.

"Why are you asking yourself questions and pretending other people are asking them, are you trying to be clever, and then even more so by acknowledging that you're aware of this?"

"You're so pretentious!"
I am. And so is this film.

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