Vice ★★★½

Since I’m mad late to seeing this and everyone already knows what this is about, Dick Chaney, our infamous Vice President under George W Bush. And how he basically ran the country and what led up to that and the fallout of it and all that fun biopic stuff. 

So, Christian Bale is a goddamn masterclass in this, and while none of the cast around him are bad in any way, he shines in the role and it’s clear to see why he got that sweet best Actor nomination. 

Also with this and The Big Short I am now a hug fan of Adam McKay’s style and presentation so if he could just make comedic biopics from now on I’d be down. 

While I think the Big Short is better by a good margin this still is a really good film that showcases a man that most Americans probably know the name of, but not much about.