Suicide Squad ★½

This is really really bad.

This is the perfect example of "uninspiring, lazy, stupid" Hollywood blockbusters. DC movies can be so great with their already-established storylines and amazing characters, at this point, they're just depreciating their fans' faith in their favorite franchise. Suicide Squad's character development is so paper-thin and literally nothing happens in this movie. I can't believe David Ayer wrote this film that is utterly pointless. And holy shit, Enchantress' CG was so fucking bad too like what the fuck. I'm soooooo sick of uninspiring superhero films. DC do take risks by killing unnecessary and the most-likable characters from their movie (ex: Diablo & Superman) that leave you no emotional impacts whatsoever. Also they "kill" characters in the most obvious way possible... Why'd they gotta do that shit?

I gotta say that I actually liked the bar scene at the end a lot. Except for that shit flashback where Diablo is talking about his kids and wife. So fucking generic.

I was gonna wait for the extended cut but I had nothing better thing to do while I was on the plane. Most likely, I won't revisit when the ultimate cut comes out.

Other thoughts:

1. I even "liked" Batman V Superman. I was like "Okay... This can't be THAT bad, right?".

2. Jared Leto literally wasted his talent on this one.

3. I don't know if I should blame WB/DC or David Ayer. Probably WB/DC, according to all the rumors and their footsteps.

4. They should've killed that evil lady (Viola Davis), her order of "reducing 10 years of jail sentence" was so fucking non-sense.

5. The escape scene at the end was so stupid too. That should've been the intro for Harley Queen's spin-off like TDK's intro.

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