Possessor ★★★★½

utter brilliance in its originality.

minor pacing issues aside, this film is packed with stellar performances (christopher abott and andrea riseborough being the clear standouts).

on a technical level, too, this film is a treasure - heavy amounts of gore are carried all the way through, and, with it, classic bloody practical effects are put on massive display. the camerawork throughout is also top-notch, with exceptionally smooth movements from the first frame to the last. putting these concepts together, a definitive body horror film is bound to be created.

brandon cronenberg generates this insanely intricate telling of terror through technology for the present day, just like his father did for the past generation, and he does not hold back with the world building and the progression of the story - everything falls right into place at the right time, and while some elements of the story are somewhat confusing to grasp at first, other elements just click.

such a solid debut.

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