Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

So.....I’m kinda mixed on this one. It’s not as aesthetically stunning as the majority of Snyder’s previous work, but it’s shot well enough to definitely fit the “Netflix standard”, and the opened up aspect ratio certainly made this film seem enormous on the big screen. The humor is more miss than hit, to the point where you can hear a pin drop at various points at my screening with a respectable crowd size. The characters aren’t written very well except for the lead, and you hardly give a crap about any of their backstories or fates, outside of maybe three or four, including Bautista. Snyder is an experienced director, but the constant out of focus shots, personal choice of his or not, became visually grating the longer he kept utilizing them. The movie doesn’t truly kick into high gear until around the 40 minute mark, and you honestly could do without most of the build-up to that point and cut the runtime down significantly and nobody would notice much of a difference.

And yet, at the end of the day, it’s overall a fun time. As a zombie flick, it’s competently made. It’s simultaneously predictable but also diverts expectations in certain areas. The work on the zombies’ physical features is commendable, and the higher budget on the CGI is noticeable and worthwhile. The gore, while used sporadically, is always gnarly, top notch and perhaps the ultimate highlight. Dave Bautista mows zombies down inside of a casino with a shitload of ammo. What’s not to like? Also, I think everyone will get a kick out of the opening credits.

Does it reinvent the wheel for the undead/zombie genre? Not quite.

But you can tell that Zack Snyder still has major admiration for the walking dead, and it was admittedly cool for him to revisit the genre that brought him to the dance years later, even after multiple successful comic book adaptations.

Zombie Queen and Zombie Tiger. Co-MVPs!

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