• The Panicked Priest's Pilgrimage to St. Peter's

    The Panicked Priest's Pilgrimage to St. Peter's

    Wow! And we all thought James had succeeded himself with Le Portrait de la Bouillie! 

    It certainly was worth the wait to see James in his debut acting role, whose performance of a priest late for work channels many contemporary actors. 

    James’ general murmurs throughout the film are dynamite dialogue in themselves and I will be amazed if he does not get the recognition he truly deserves.

    Lovely film though, recommend watching with an in depth analysis by the writer/director/actor…

  • Le Portrait de la Bouillie

    Le Portrait de la Bouillie

    James’ directorial debut with Bronson pictures certainly leaves one with a craving for more. From the immensely powerful opening right up until the disturbing and shocking end, James is able to delicately craft a film that asks so many questions about our current society. 

    Having rewatched the film with the man himself, I have been able to learn Mr James’ perspective on today’s society and, most importantly, what it really means to be Callum James. 

    My one slight problem is…