Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

more than a brother, not quite a wife

the second most restrained entry in tarantino’s filmography is about male friendship, mid-life crises and, of course, old hollywood. shot suprisingly straightforward with the best character studies in “9” films, once is a very laid back, very great looking, very cool fucking movie.

there are no real stakes to speak of. nor much of a plot. it seems for once, we’ve gotten a tarantino film driven more by it’s themes rather than the usual bonkers non-linear story. after cramming the previous “8” movies in this mostly self-indulgent catalogue into only the last 6 days, i’m actually pretty grateful for this decision.

the third act is when we finally see quentin set loose his normal batshit-ness and it works almost only because we expect it of him. and just like some stylized craziness and at least five minutes of feet, above all else you can expect a certain catharsis from QT for his characters and audience.

dicaprio is fantastic as dalton, but it’s pitt’s cliff booth that will be welcomed with open arms by the likes of aldo raine and king schultz into the annals of interesting and cool characters in tarantino’s work.

all in all, not what i was expecting, but a very welcomed, mostly calm surprise.

fair enough

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