Zodiac ★★★★½

Film #4 of the "Scavenger Hunt November 2015" Challenge
Task #6. A film directed by David Fincher!
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So I've seen every David Fincher film, with the hunt having me watch a Fincher film I was excited to take this chance to to settle a debate in my head. My favorite Fincher film. It was between The Social Network and Zodiac; now BOTH ARE AMAZING (as are several others) but I wanted to know which, for me, was the best. I'd say the nod goes to The Social Network but that is by the slightest of margins. Here's why, 2 hours and 47 min.

I LOVE the pacing of this film, I adore that everything is in their for a reason and that you need every piece to put this puzzle together. HOWEVER I can't help but feel that the film drags in the third act, when I want it to come to it's conclusion. Not that I'm not enjoying what happening, but it's just time to see the end.

Getting that out of the way, let me gush over this film. Zodiac is a perfect mystery, a perfect thriller and has you at the edge of your seat. Fincher knows that the heart of the film is in the relationships. He casts Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr, and Mark Ruffalo perfectly. Fincher knows how to use these actors strengths. All three give career defining performances. Zodiac realizes that the interesting thing about this case, is not the victims, not the suspects, not the killer but the people who working the case and how the case effects them. It a brilliant way to look the mystery.

This film is paced beautifully, it's suspenseful, it's gripping... I know these are buzz words but damn it they are true. As a fan of mysteries I really enjoy this film. Fincher is at his best with this masterwork. WATCH ZODIAC.

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