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  • Eros



    I would give this five stars just for the Kar-Wai's segment. I swear this is one of his best works. I knew it was sad but I didn't think I would cry LIKE THAT.

  • Ten



    I'm fairly sure my love for Iranian films keeps growing with every other Iranian film I watch. This is now my new kink.

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  • 36



    I felt that on a spiritual level. It's as if that unobtrusive manner allows the overall mood to thoroughly diffuse into every pixel. There are some things are made to be forgotten, and you'll only have one attempt to capture them. It's like a film photography: either yes or no. So I'm totally in love with Nawapol's ingeniousness and his way to portray ordinary things. Nothing happens for an hour, but you completely disappear into this sequence of static shots, forgetting about the concept of time at all. Only simplicity, depth and beautiful cinematography.

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    SO heartbreaking in their acceptance of bad things that were happening to them. There was no sign of grief, only resignation and ongoing life with no real upturns. Koreeda in all his glory.