Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

"In the world of zack snyder cinema, there are nice things, then a couple of tragedies, and in the end there's this"

I can openly say that I enjoy this film, despite the many bad things I possess.

I'm going to talk in my opinion about the bad things you have first, and I'll leave the good in the end, because I don't want to leave without a bad taste in my mouth.

The bad thing, well where I start, I know, I think the main problem is that you want to call this movie, yes, I make it clear that it's zombie, but what kind of zombie movie is it?

Sometimes it seems to be a robbery, then that experimental, and let's not even talk about the poorly placed approaches, another thing that is rare is the strange border of those who are or are not infected, wanting to refer to immigrants or Latin America in general, it feels so stupid. Besides, what filled my patience was the zombies themselves, is it possible to create a new race, or are you trying to reference 300 with that cape?

I don't feel it the same way as I am Legend, where there are beings with feelings under that layer of mucus and blood, they do so when it's convenient in the plot, because then they look silly and slow, there's a scene where you see a zombie has a baby, so what, lack of coherence.

And let's not even talk about Ludwing, at every turn he thinks he's politically correct and even gets uncomfortable in the way he talks, I feel that humor like expired milk, it doesn't help at all, except for his grand finale.

The good thing, no doubt his first 15 minutes are great, from the blowjob in the car to the "live the vegas" panorama. Dave Bautista proves that he is a competent actor in his field, the action prevails as the good thing of the film, being visceral, graphic and very disgusting.

Ana de la Reguera my beautiful Mexican is great, dedicated, sporting her performance until a point !crack! I was disappointed in that, but your candle for you to understand. The fucking zombie tiger was great, despite the short screen time, Army of the Dead is an enjoyable movie to be zack Snyder,but it's not the best of his career, and leaves zombie movies in shame.

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