Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

It is definitely a sublime and emotional movie.

πŸ†: 98%

In all this time looking for a film that demonstrates something new to explore, 2020 was not the best year for cinema, but there were definitely hidden gems in this mud.

Sound of Metal is one of those films, which puts you in someone's shoes, and you feel what happens, what they suffer and how they live.

This is the story of RubΓ©n Stone, a man who is a drummer in a heavy metal band, and after neglecting himself at high sound levels he manages to become deaf, I don't know about you, but when I hear that it is the life of a deaf who is a drummer , I get all my attention and how well Riz Ahmed did it, I applaud his performance and hopefully he will be nominated in the following OSCARS.

Try to find that it was not similar to WHIPLASH, although they have similarities between the obsession for something, and the compulsive negativity for reaching something that does not correspond.

It is her duty to learn the language of signs and the deaf, for me it was an incredible experience especially because I saw her while listening to hearing aids that isolate sound. It was spectacular, however the only bad thing I saw in this movie is that at inopportune moments it feels suffocating, it reminds me of Quiet Place, the silence is great but sometimes uncomfortable.

If it weren't for my disagreement with that part of the silence, we are facing a film that defines 2020 for me.

But that's my opinion.

Final Ranking: 9.8
Ranking 2020: 2/31
Ranking of Favorites all time: 24/200

Watch: #1

January 2021

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