Dune ★★★★½

I watched Dune the second time today and I am feeling ready now to rate it. I have read the book, watched the 80s version and Jodorowskis Documentary.

Dune is a pretty faithful adaptation of the book with most of the changes beeing a smoothing and simplefying the complex and diverse plot and sideplots.
There is also quite a bit of backstory / world building that isn't mentioned or just showen visually without an explanation. This is not bad per se but it can be confusion for movie only watches.
Visually, Villeneuve made something astonishing and marvelous. The movie has some innovative ideas and can defenitly bring Frank Herberts book satisfyingly to life.
It also feels like Hanz Zimmer got a power up. The score roars in the cinema like few movies have managed to do.
The movie is paced a bit slow but this is totaly fine for me because a lot of build up makes some essencial scenes more impactful.
This movie only adapts half a book, so the end makes me feel exited for more and sad that I have to wait a few years to get the second movie (hopefully there is one, there has to be one!)

Maybe I am to harsh by not giving full 5 stars but untill I see how this movie plays in the overall story with the second one, I will remain on 4,5.

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