Ride Your Wave

Ride Your Wave ★★★½

Ride Your Wave is the most cohesive of Masaaki Yuasa's last three features, and at times it's the most impressive, but it is mixed overall. What works is how funny it is and how its single weirdest plot device is so singularly delightful.

It is a film about a "perfect guy", who is therefore dull and irritating, but the charm is that it isn't really about him. It changes to become about loss and working through difficulties. Plus his perfection is hilarious mismatched with everyone else. 

The first hour of Ride Your Wave is utterly wonderful, but afterwards it gradually loses steam with a series of lame twists. What was weird becomes in service of cliché. If not for the storytelling inadequacies towards the end, this would be a winning film. Otherwise it's just a delightful effort that wraps up unsatisfactorily.

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