Ready Player One

Ready Player One

["'Member the '80's? I 'member"]

VR Chat, the movie.

Jesus Christ, I don't think I've cringed so hard during a film than I have watching Ready Player One.

It's everything I hate about the mainstream nostalgia of mainstream '80's rolled into one massive clusterfuck circlejerk of a film, where everything is so on the nose that you'd have to be fucking blind to not understand every reference that is shoved down your throat every fucking second of the film.

If I wanted to watch the Shining, I would have just watched the Shining. Somebody just showing me the scenes from the Shining then going "How cool was that? 'Member that?" isn't constructive, it's just nothing.

Ready Player One was just every shit mainstream plot tied together with this terrible nostalgia trend that every man, woman and child is jumping on the bandwagon to remember every great film from 80's, which in fact is just killing the legacy of the very films they trying to commemorate.

If you want to remember the '80's, or your depiction of the '80's, which is just probably a copy of Ghostbusters on your 4K ultra blu ray disc without any prior knowledge of living in the '80's, then just watch your copy of Ghostbusters in peace. Whatever you do don't make a multimillion dollar movie who's only place in time is the commemorate the past instead of creating anything new.

What makes Ready Player One even worse is that Steven Spielberg is basically circlejerking himself, Georgie Porgy Lucas and Robert Zemeckis and all his other friends that helped defined the '80's, or what people believe to be the '80's, instead of some other asshole circlejerking the same people.

Ready Player One offers nothing new in an oversaturated market of films that offer nothing new, but this movie drops the bar even lower in terms of unoriginality.

If you were thinking of watching Ready Player One, just buy a VR headset, plug yourself into VR Chat and cringe at every twelve-year-old trying to do every terrible joke on the face of the planet, because at least you'll probably have at least more fun than I did watching Ready Player One.

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