Black Dynamite ★★★★★

"Who the hell is interrupting my kung fu?!"

I don't even know how to describe this film. It's an unbelievably easy to watch, silly spoof comedy, that transcends the easy to watch, silly spoof comedy genre by being so meticulously written and directed for some prime laughage. Half of the humour is over the top goofiness and one liners that scream funny. The other half comes in subtle details that require some attention, but offers huge reward if you pick them up.

It so wonderfully mimics 1970's blaxploitation cinema. Music costumes, dialogue, and the film-making techniques themselves (including 'accidental' boom mikes in shot). People who walk in the room will think it is just that. Unlike most parodies, it never takes the piss, but glorifies what is enjoyable about b-movies.

Now watch it jive turkey. Can you dig it?

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