The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Because I spend most of my time sitting in a basement making elves disappear, I don't tend to be at the forefront of the world of the modern moviegoer. So, the circumstances that lead me to watch The Favourite are quite normal...well for me. My partner had gotten herself on a binge of documentary series about the working history of servants. Servants for the rich, the middle class, the lower middle class. Servants that had servants. It was unending. I personally wanted to re-watch last years Wrestlemania, so we compromised and watched The Favourite, which obviously contains the best of both worlds.

The Favourite follows the life of Queen Anne of Great Britain, and her getting embroiled in a squabble of servants and friends over money, status, and everyone's fave thing to fight over, Love. The three leads in this movie are fantastic, and I could watch them play high stakes life chess with each other for hours. Snarky remakes, lashing out, and duck races make for very interesting eye material. I also enjoyed the look of The Favourite. The palace, the gardens, giant wigs, and costumes. Everything thing felt like it was telling its own tale while also showing the pompous and out of touch reality, the rich of this time lived in. Yet, the politics of the realm, which just as dark and entertaining, played second fiddle to the love triangle of the Queen, Lady Marlborough, and her cousin. Through sheer great performances by the leads alone, this movie would have been good, so adding in all the great cinematography, and verbal abuse they put each other through, and it really makes The Favourite stand out.

The movie was sad, dark, funny, heartbreaking, and sometimes just weird. I can't think of a better mix of feelings to have after a dark comedy-drama period piece.

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