Tenet ★★★½

I understand a lot of the criticism this film gets. Nolan falls into some of the pitfalls he did on Inception as well. Characterization is completely absent, but here it doesn't feel like as big a deal as it did with Inception. That film had an emotional component that should have been fleshed out way more. Here that component is way less necessary as it focusses more on being a straight up action movie, but with the Nolan twist being the convoluted concept behind it.

Because yes, it relies heavily on the complicated premise. There is of course a lot of exposition needed to make it work somewhat well, but it didn't annoy me as much as it did in Inception or Interstellar. In fact, here Nolan succeeded in me not caring too much about how all these mechanics could work and how illogical it all is in terms of the plot and chosen paths. He manages to just pull me in for the ride and not overthink the (im)possibilities of the premise. Which is usually something I very easily tend to do.

All in all, Nolan again drowns in an idea that's almost impossible to execute well, and in doing so annoys and confuses a lot of viewers. It did however make me really enjoy my first cinema experience in many months, bringing a high end action film with a couple of really memorable scenes. So for those that still need to see it, I'd say: go in blank, don't overthink things and just be entertained.

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