Bad Trip

Bad Trip ★★★★

This felt revolutionary for how much it humanized it’s prank subjects. So many of the people that are “fucked with” are either just trying to help (the first dude at the car wash), giving relationship advice (the sweet old man on the park bench or the diner waitress rating pick up lines) or patiently listening to a sad man (the army recruiter who doesn’t flinch when a table full of water bottles is knocked over). 

This instantly sets Bad Trip apart from the Borats and Bad Grandpas of the world. Was shocked when a woman just instinctively went to try to pull Lil Rel out of a porta potty. And yet, nothing made me laugh harder than an irate white dude telling Eric Andre (who had just started singing a show tune in a mall) “get the fuck away from me” before karate kicking him. I laughed many many times and wished it was 30 minutes longer.

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