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  • PlayTime



    awesome. this is the glassiest movie i have seen. in this film every reflection offers a layer of separation and moment of respite from the ceaseless chaos imposed by modern city life. and when the characters are taking photographs, or just holding a camera, they have a bit more peace in their lives—whether or not it poses yet another inconvenience for the people they'd like in the picture.

    omnipresent architectural textures and surfaces, however smooth and neutral in color, obstruct…

  • High-Rise


    the first scene shows you the end of the story and then a title card cuts in to say you're flashing back to "3 months earlier" and you sigh a sad little sigh

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  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    one rung up the scary ladder from Stranger Things.

    this family is too functional for me to relate to.

    maybe it's too much to ask from a big-budget PG-13 horror movie, but i wish it had something more to say than "family good, dying bad."

  • Tenet


    joyless humorless pointless slog, and so boring. none of the characters make you care about them. laughable premise. pure empty spectacle.