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  • Secret Society of Second Born Royals

    Secret Society of Second Born Royals

    some big "i don't always get to choose what i watch" energy here

    Many of the movies that have premiered on Disney+ in the last few months (“Mulan,” “Artemis Fowl,” etc.) are would-be blockbusters that were made with theaters in mind and only went digital because of the pandemic. “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” is obviously, glaringly, and insistently not one of those movies. Produced by the Disney Channel and seemingly budgeted at the same cost as an episode of…

  • The Calming

    The Calming


    What few conversations there are in Song Fang’s chronically meditative “The Calming” tend to revolve around someone who never appears onscreen: Our heroine’s recent ex-boyfriend, a man with whom she may have at one point expected to spend the rest of her life. Or so we sense by the way that Lin (“So Long, My Son” star Qi Xi, delivering a still pond of a performance) winces at the news that a friend is getting married, observes her aging parents…

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    spiritually corrupt, but — BUT! — also flat and artless in a way that not even the worst Star Wars movies have been before.

    thanks to paternity leave, i have no professional obligation to keep thinking about this hugely disappointing capitulation to the most feckless elements of studio filmmaking. and so i won't.

    EDIT: Babu Frik innocent.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite



    1. Horatio: The Fastest Duck in the City
    2. Nicholas Hoult?
    3. Sandy Powell
    4. Rachel Weisz
    5. the bunny from the end. you'll know the one.
    6. Olivia Colman
    7. the naked dancing man who looks *way* too much like James Corden
    8. Emma Stone
    9. taylor swift's neo-nazi boyfriend from Operation Finale