Apollo 13 ★★★½

This was a difficult movie for me to rate and review, as I really appreciate what this film is, a dramatic real life event where there NASA had a problem with one of their launches that was sent towards the Moon. This real life dramatic story stars with 3 of our astronauts heading to space which goes from an exciting event to a fight for survival. This film was quite slow in the middle and that’s why I couldn’t give it any higher than a 3 star, but the ending scenes are just fantastic, the music, as well as the joy and pride everyone has after all coming together to ensure the 3 workers return back safely without being hurt is really great too see. It shows there is good in the world and shows a perfect example of how sticking together to solve problems that may at first seem impossible can become possible with team work and hard work, planning and thinking, as the workers back on Earth managed to communicate and offer advice and help to those stuck. The performance from Tom Hanks was great as always, he really sells the role and he’s a great family man as we learn early on with his kids and Wife, it’s so nice too see the relationship he has with them before hand and too see how devastated they are as they learn their father/husband is stuck on the rocket, is heartbreaking. 

Overall I’d rate this a 3 and a 1/2 ⭐️ movie, it could have been lower if it wasn’t for the fantastic satisfying, emotional ending, I l recommend watching this dramatic movie with good characters and acting, a heartfelt conclusion, however there is a lot of slower less action packed moments so be aware of that too, it is a nice historical journey and a nice message of working together in order to help save those stuck in space. 

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