Minions ★★½

The sequel to the Despicable Me franchise focuses on the Minions and their journey before meeting Gru. We see them fail with every single villain they work for as their incompetence is the reason behind their villains dying. There is a nice fun link to evolution, with the dinosaurs and cavemen, before the humans. The idea with the Villain con is pretty fun with Bob, Kevin and Stuart, seeing all different villain interventions as they search for their next villain to follow; they come across the biggest villain Scarlett Overkill and are taken under her wing. They visit England and some how Bob wins over the people and becomes king for a short time, before Overkill takes control. Thankfully in the end the minions all come to the rescue as they save the day, and defeat the villain. The film finished with them finding Gru who they all follow as he goes off in his rocket. The animation is pretty basic at this point and there’s not too many laughs. The sound track is a good one though with some nice catchy songs. 

Overall I’d rate this film a 2 and a 1/2 ⭐️ as there is some fun moments and some laughs here and there, however on the whole most of the comedy is definitely suited to younger children, as there is no emotional character arcs or journeys we can get behind and relate too unlike the previous despicable me films. There is some fun moments with the energy, dancing and singing brought by the Minions as they do some outrageous things, I’d recommend a younger viewer too watch this one. 

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