The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ★★★★

The first movie in the trilogy of Lord of the rings trilogy. Similarly to the old trilogy, the cinematography and the soundtrack is incredible, and brings me straight back into the world of middle earth. The film starts similar to the fellowship of the ring with Bilbo Baggins talking over what happened in the past when on his “unexpected journey”. The movie starts off 60 years before fellowship of the ring, with Gandalf visiting a much younger Bilbo played amazingly by Martin Freeman, and then enters 13 different dwarfs who all eat and raid Bilbo’s house, as Gandalf sets up a meeting as they plan to go on this journey in order to get the Dwarf’s home back. The group gone of a huge journey across Middle Earth, encountering fights against orcs, wargs and then eventually goblins as well as storm giants and trolls. There is lots of great scenes of action as the film is directed superbly once again by Peter Jackson, and there is so many great comedic moments as the Dwarf’s all have great banter between them, with great acting and contrasting personalities with all the Dwarf’s which help them bounce of each other and create a fun atmosphere when on screen together. The film also has a great message behind it, where there is a Hobbit out of place, out of his comfort zone and at first is judged and not welcome in the group however as he earns their trust and builds up a relationship he earns his trust and becomes an important member within the group. There is nice character involvements from Saruman and Elrond and we also get too see Rivendell and Weathertop both from the previous trilogy from Lord of the rings. One of my favourite scenes from this movie was when we get too see the backstory and from Bilbo’s side of view when he managed to get a hold of the ring, and how that could have possibly been the downfall of Gollum’s character. We also get too see Gandalf been much more powerful as he managed to fight of all the goblins as they are all running across the bridge causing chaos. The film ends perfectly ready to set up the next part of our journey too the home of the Dwarfs. 

Overall I’d rate this film a 4/5 ⭐️ there is a lot of fun, comedic moments and great action, but there definitely was leas violence and a slower pace/feel for the film. It is really nice going back into the Middle Earth world and it is another great story with such powerful and life messages.

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