You Were Never Really Here ★★★

This is the second film where Joaquin Phoenix stars as the main role that I have seen. Straight away you can see a clear resemblance to this performance as the performance of Joker. He is constantly haunted and suffering from PTSD, always reliving his awful upbringing and childhood in his head. This leads to his anger and almost no sense of remorse for the acts he is committing. He is sent on this job to help save a young girl named Nina. He does anything and everything he has too do, in order to rescue the girl. The movie has such a dark tone, with unsettling music with every scene and a lot of dark/gory imagery. The use of dark colours in most scenes as well as shadows constantly wherever Joe (Phoenix) is travelling, enhances the uncomfortability and the dark tone. There is little dialogue in the film as we get too see how Joe is feeling through sheer reactions and emotions. However it can feel a little slow at times and like not too much is going on. 

Overall I’d rate this a 3/5 ⭐️ movie, but here is some great drama and it is a chilling film, with cool editing and a really dark tone. I’d recommend this movie if you like things like Taxi Driver and Joker, as we see our protagonist’s thoughts and feelings, as well as seeing the effects of past trauma. 

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