• Shaun of the Dead

    Shaun of the Dead


    The movie is brilliantly directed by Edgar Right, he has such a unique way of filming the movie in a way that keeps it fresh, and light, during such a horrifying scenario. The acting from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is exceptional, their dynamics works great they just bounce off each other. The script in this film is also great with so many hilarious one liners and memorable scenes. The story moves at a fast consistent pace and it doesn't…

  • Inception



    Watching this movie for a second time I appreciated it so much more as my score has been raised. I understood the film much better and all the key plot points which I struggled to keep up with on first viewing. The creativity and genius ideas from Christopher Nolan is simply breathtaking, the whole story is unique, action packed, satisfying as we are taking on a journey, through these dreams. The group try to learn too control the dreams and…

  • Us



    The horror movie Us, directed by Jordan Peel, was a slight let down for me. I had heard such great things from this horror film but I had my expectations too high. It was an interesting story, it started really strong but I felt like it was abit stupid and didn’t really have any scares for me. The tension was good in parts particularly when we first see the replica red family standing outside the garden, this brought a lot…

  • Bad Words

    Bad Words


    This is a comedy movie starring Jason Bateman is also directed by him too. The film’s premises is based off this 40 year old who has qualified for a children’s spelling bee, he is against these 10-12 year olds. He is completely out of sorts as you can imagine but he takes it too an extreme, he’s so inappropriate with pretty much everything he does, swearing, being rude, cheating, lying, and also teaching kids bad habits. This is a fun…

  • Bodyguard



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The first episode starts off incredibly, we are thrown right into this story of Sergent David Budd, a protection officer and war veteran. He is on a train and a threat from a potential suicide bomber just close by sparks him too good into control mode, he deals with the situation and manages to speak through too the bomber, we also see that his love life and relationship is suffering due to all the trauma he has been going through.…

  • All or Nothing: Manchester City

    All or Nothing: Manchester City


    This is a brilliant documentary series all about Man City’s season when they got too 100 points. I am a huge football fan and too see the behind the scenes of the team bonding and different decisions that are made from day to day, how they solve the problems is fascinating for me too see. I think the music is great, the quality is excellent it’s gives a wide range of different things. The highlights from matches are great to…

  • Holmes & Watson

    Holmes & Watson


    This is a fun film set in the Victorian London, and is a story about Sherlock Holmes and his detective friend Watson. This is a fun film which is no suprise with the 2 great comedy starts of John C Reily and Will Ferrell, although I don’t think they could ever top their comedy performance from Step Brothers, they both bring so much energy and do a great job. There’s a nice story as they are trying to protect the…

  • The Promotion

    The Promotion

    So I decided too watch this “comedy” film after seeing the cast I was looking forward too this one, John C Reily is usually brilliant as well as Seann William Scott however these 2 different get enough screen time together, where they could have good comedic moments. I think the script let them down if I’m honest. It took itself too serious and didn’t really focus enough on comedy and when it did try it felt really forced. Maybe watching…

  • Role Models

    Role Models


    This is such a great comedy, with a great list of actors Paul Rudd is hilarious, as well as Seann William Scott is also great these two friends have great chemistry and bounce off each other well. For me the two kids who they are looking after steal every scene they are in, Christopher Mintz-Plasse is amazing yet again, which is no suprise after seeing him recently in super bad and kick ass. Bobb’e J. Thompson is excellent in this…

  • Daliso Chaponda: What The African Said...

    Daliso Chaponda: What The African Said...


    The hour long stand up special with Daliso is really funny, I remember watching him on BGT and always find him hilarious. I had always wandered what he went on too do with his comedy career, all I really knew was that he had been going on your but I’d not heard or seen anything really, until I stumbled across his stand up special, it’s a really fun watch. I love him as a comedian, he has such a great…

  • KSI: Can't Lose

    KSI: Can't Lose


    The documentary is all about KSI and his journey into YouTube boxing and focuses on his thoughts and looks deeper into his training camps before the fights against Joe Weller and the first match against Logan Paul. I think the documentary is entertaining and is shot nicely, with lots of good interviews as I learnt a lot about the fights in more detail. It was good too see his training and all the work he put into it. 
    It does…

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Ex_Machina is a very unique psychological sci-fi thriller, the plot is exciting, it starts of a little slow as the film builds up, it is all set up in a bid same place as this scientist named Nathan, played by Oscar Issac is conducting a study on his artificial intelligence, a subject called Caleb (played by Domhnall Gleeson). Caleb is introduced to an artificial intelligent prototype called Ava as he is performing a series of tests on her over 7…