The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★★½

The MCU's biggest misfire since The Incredible Hulk (2008). It's just a waste of time and quite incoherent. But hey, one episode (3rd) was pretty damn good so there's that! It gave me hope that this thing was gonna be something. Oh well.

I applaud their attempt at portraying racial tensions in the US but that doesn't make this show good. Just politically relevant.

Stunts - ??/100 | Let's play "spot the CGI". No matter what, we all lose.

Narrative - 46/100 | Started well but eventually went into "uhh, that's bad?" territory and it never recovered. The finale was pitiful. The antagonists seem to come straight out of a CW show to be honest. They are, quite simply, atrocious. Karli is a cringy, unbelievably bad, unrelatable, bland character played by an equally poor actress with no screen presence whatsoever. I can't believe they thought she would make a good antagonist against badasses like Sam and Bucky. The kind of casting that boggles the mind. Then you have Sharon Carter's character that's also totally ruined, her character arc between Cap 2 and this makes no sense. Plus lots of half-assed narrative beats and a downright hilarious "everybody claps on cue" scene on a bridge in the finale that was so amateurish I can't believe that made the cut.

Fight Choreography - 68/100 | Any and all kinetic energy that the performers do have is completely lost in the abysmal action editing.

Enjoyment - 50/100 | The show shines in some of the more personal moments but it's just not well put together at all. The narrative flows awkwardly, the action directing isn't on point, the side characters barely get anything to do, and even Sam and Bucky struggle to make this show interesting. It's like this thing shouldn't have existed in the first place. Should have been a movie actually.

Hopefully Feige watches these filmmakers closely for Cap 4 (who are confirmed to be returning as of now), because otherwise… it's a disaster in the making. After WandaVision I had high hopes for these TV shows but it seems my hope was to be short-lived.

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