The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 ★½

So I rewatched the whole Hunger Games series recently for... this apparently? The only one I hadn't seen.

This movie is unfocused. There are occasional interesting moments here and there of course, I think Francis Lawrence is a talented director actually, but this movie just reeks of... "what are we here for again?"

Oh right, to make money because we split the story in two.

Those 2 parts really should have been 1. There's a decent 3rd movie for the trilogy hidden in there somewhere. I'm just not sure exactly what it would have looked like, except that Katniss wouldn't have spent the better part of mockingjay 1 longing for boys, and mockingjay 2 would have been tighter. Way too much pointless action.

Somehow they spent 2 movies building new characters that still feel bland.

I'm not even gonna bother rating choreography and stuff. This movie just isn't worth it.

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