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  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    Evolution of a Filipino Family


    Rewatched over June 15-16. 

    On first watch, i didn’t know what to make of this beast. I loved it, but I really couldn’t put my thoughts into words, it felt like watching a nations history and I didn’t know how to describe it. So, I decided to watch some of Lav Diaz’s other films before going back to it. I decided to watch Norte, the End Of History and From What Is Before, both I found to be brilliant masterpieces,…

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  • Megamind



    How have I not logged this before this is a masterpiece

  • Eureka



    There was a new restoration on MUBI and I didn’t find out until 4 days before it left. It looks stunning btw

    Yeah this is still one of the best films ever it’s virtually flawless

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  • Wave Sounds

    Wave Sounds


    Imagine taking your own film down because people didn’t like it, how will you ever get anywhere in the film world if you can’t take criticism

    I like karsten, he seems like a really good guy. But man, that was a bad move. For a youtuber that’s entire channel revolves around film criticism, you sure aren’t good at taking your own

  • Memoria


    this is gonna be one of the best movies ever made i can just fucking feel it