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  • Mainstream


    it's kinda ironic that andrew garfield, a man with absolutely zero social media presence, does this satiric comedy-drama about social media, yet he manages to nail the role.

    anyways, i kinda get what this movie is trying to say but i just don't understand the need of incorporating... unnecessary scenes? like what's with the shit? emojis? and the trashy effects? not to mention the racism and misogyny... if it weren't for these things the movie could've turned a bit decent.…

  • Zapped



    that wasn't acting, that's just zendaya's power over the male population 😁

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  • Rocketman



    "Did being married make you happy?"
    "Not really. I'm gay."

    tbh i didn't really know much about elton john before watching this (except that he rewrote candle in the wind as tribute for princess diana) but this biopic was so beautifully made that everything about it felt real. the cinematography, the storyline, the costume design, up to the soundtrack and the acting... it's just all so spectacular.

    also i'm just a sucker for gay musical movies so you get the point :'D

  • Here Are the Young Men

    Here Are the Young Men

    in conclusion:

    - men are fucking pricks
    - ginger anya taylor-joy sexy