Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★½

Edge Of Tomorrow is set in a time where an alien race known as Mimics begin to take over Europe and a United States Public Relations officer, Major William Cage is put head on in the front lines of a battle, but he is killed in the process. He wakes up and realizes that it is the prior day, but still has the memory and knowledge of the next subsequent day(s). The process repeats until he meets the "Full Metal Bitch", Sgt. Rita Vrataski who tells him that he possesses a power he got from alien blood, which allows him to reset the day. Rita no longer has the power after a she underwent a blood transfusion, but she promises to help train Cage in combat and find a way to stop an impending slaughter on UDF troops and end the war once and for all.

Edge Of Tomorrow aside from a pretty generic title, is actually one of the best science fiction/action films to come along and Cruise's best film in recent time. The idea of being able to reset, as it's called in the film, is a brilliant key that sets it apart from other films during this summer blockbuster as well as recent sci-fi films. The film plays out more like a video game: you go into battle, you die, you reset and you repeat the process until you grow stronger and knowledgeable on your enemy.

The action pieces are breathtaking and loads of fun. It's gritty, despite being PG-13 and having little, if any, blood, but the true nature of War is present. It isn't pretty, and sure as hell isn't in a war against aliens. The first action scene with a rather inexperienced Cruise is fantastic, and the get better and become different as he continues to reset. It was also nice to see action scenes shot and edited so well and not relying on frantic cuts and that damn shaky cam that so many filmmakers heavily rely on because it looks "realistic". Surely this is a fictional film, but the action scenes alone in this look pretty damn good and can come off as real if you are greatly immersed in this film.

Cruise is great as Major William Cage. He plays the character very well and is incredibly believable in his scenes where he is truly scared shitless in War. For me though, Emily Blunt who plays, Rita Vrataski was excellent. A different type of film for the actress as I'm accustomed to seeing her in romance or comedy films, so seeing her in a film like this was great, and she can pull off a tough, strong willed female bad ass convincingly. Would definitely love to see her do more action films in the future.

Doug Liman's Edge Of Tomorrow is an exhilarating film and a great summer blockbuster. It's loads of fun, boasts a compelling story, interesting lead characters, immersed action scenes, and overall great experience. A great treat this season.

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