Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★★

Richard Linklater: Watching and Ranking his films

School's out, for summer.

Let me start by saying, if there was ever a debate what movie has the best soundtrack, be it Almost Famous, Pulp Fiction or The Breakfast Club, well the competition is over. Dazed and Confused won. By a mile.

The film has classic rock anthems for almost its entire run. Even when people are talking, the music still plays in the background. I think only about 10 minutes of the film go without any music playing.

But a film can't be amazing simply because it has an amazing score.
I truly love Richard Linklater. He creates films that feel real, that do not conform to any norms or rules set by Hollywood, and creates films that are unique.

Dazed and Confused might be dissapointing to some people. It does not have a straight narrative. It does not have a target that it leads to, unlike many other high school films. The characters don't make a pact to lost their virginity, they don't try to get the hottest girl.
The film is simply about the last day of school and the first day of summer for the juniors who are about to become seniors next year, with a few other non senior characters.

But it presents one of the best and most interesting high school films. It is more of a documentary about the last day of school, as it is not cliched in any way.
It shows the different types you will see in high school. The jocks, the pot heads, the nerds, the deep and philosophical, and none of them are cliched.
The "nerd", or just the deep and philosophical one, gets the good looking freshman girl. But this relationship did not feel forced, it felt real. The same goes for the any of the characters and their relationships.

I think Linklater hit the highest note and set a benchmark for not-crude high school films.

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