Four Weddings and a Funeral ★★

Film No. 21 of: CineMania I- The December Challenge

This film's biggest setback and dissapointment is that it sets up a perfect anti-cliched route for Charles, and ignores it.
Instead it chooses to go down predictable route.

It is a delightful British romantic comedy.
It is funny, and Grant is terrific in his role.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, until the dissapointing end.

Why would you choose to go down the easy route?

Spoilers ahead:
Fiona tells Charles she always loved him, while they are at Carrie's wedding.
Carrie is the woman Charlie loves.
So instead of going with the woman who always loved him, while at the wedding of a woman he loved, the film makes everything so Charlie and Carrie are together in the end.

Why do rom-coms annoy me so much in the end?
Why can't they once in a while do something different?
When they do, like Ruby Sparks, (500) Days of Summer or High Fidelity they work so well.
When a film goes the opposite way of what is expected I enjoy so much more.
Purple Rose of Cairo is in my opinion one of the greatest romances ever.
The end is so melancholic that after the film ended I was impressed by the way Allen went against the norm.

If this film would have went the different route I would have loved it.
It has everything a terrific rom-com has, but then ruins it in the end.

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