Mean Streets ★★★★

Film No. 19 of: CineMania I- The December Challenge
The Unseen Films by Great Directors Project- 1st Round

Mean Streets marked so many things:
Breakthrough film for Scorsese
Breakthrough film for Keitel and De Niro
First collabration between Scorsese and De Niro
First Italian gangster film by Scrosese

And it was not hard to see this was a Scorsese film.
Throughout the film I just wanted to finish this film and go watch Goodfellas.
It reminded me so much ot the masterpiece that is Goodfellas.

The music, the terrific acting, the italian neighborhood in New-York, the group of gangsters, the awesome direction by Scorsese.

What a wonderful film.

But still being the first true Scorsese film, it did feel a little rough around the edges.
There were some parts that felt a little not clear or out of place.
But overall the film is just fantastic. What a wonderful soundtrack.

And it is always a joy to see young De-Niro, playing a crazy man.

It is funny to think that two films ahead, Scorsese will create with De-Niro the greatest film ever made.

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