Attack the Block

Attack the Block ★★★

When I first saw this a few years ago it annoyed me intensely. These little fuckers portrayed in this film are ten-a-penny in and around most cities in Britain.The way they treat people in general was just too close to home. In London and in other metropolitan areas they're like vermin, on the rob with no respect for anyone. Joe Cornish's film may well have been about aliens with some scary luminous teeth, but I overlooked that side of things first time around with my hatred for those kids.
For a film with an obviously small budget, the thrills and effects are pretty good. The story of a London street-gang who have to defend their high-rise against an alien invasion, the premise is crazy and this just shouldn't work. Somehow though, it does. There's all the usual stereotypes, bullying heavy-handed police who don't understand the ghetto, BMX riding robbers with no future, and a couple of drug dealers that want to be Scarface. The characters are still irritating little cunts, but this time I controlled my urge to smash the screen and simply enjoyed the ride. It isn't scary, there's not much of a plot, and with the exception of Jodie Whitaker and a small role for Nick Frost, this is a cast of unknowns who are effectively convincing as Neds. Harsh I know, but I did give it three stars.

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