Constantine ★★★★★

So it was set in L.A. and our John Constantine wasn't English, blonde, or bi-sexual, but in Keanu Reeves we got a sarcasm filled, demon bashing antihero with smarts. I always try to ignore the presence of Shia LaBeouf here, but the film more than made up for it with the casting of Peter Stormare, Tilda (I can do anything, even an Angel) Swinton, and Gavin Rossdale who genuinely seems to defy time, almost 40 at the time but looking 25. Not a horror film by any stretch, but a terrific supernatural thriller with some excellent set pieces and memorable ideas of what Hell would be like. No Spice Girls there though, but give it time. A film that visually remains stunning almost ten years later, it's aging almost as well as Rachel Weisz.

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