Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

Work commitments this year have really affected my ability to get to the cinema as regularly as I'd have liked. I've missed almost all of the big releases this year, but as DVD and Blu-Ray make them accessible to this particular viewer, the next few weeks sees some of my most anticipated films arrive on Blu-Ray. Edge Of Tomorrow was one I really regret not catching on a big screen, and as a dedicated fan of the Cruiser this one got saved for Saturday night.
I do love a good science fiction film and if the premise is something just that little bit different then it'll hook me fairly quickly. Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion got some stick for taking different aspects from a host of different movies and lumping them together, unfairly in my humble opinion. Edge Of Tomorrow does exactly the same but seemed to escape those accusations despite obvious nods to both Starship Troopers and The Matrix, and with the time-loop scenario, Source Code. Cruise plays a soldier who gets dropped into a war-zone against an alien invader called Mimics who have the look of a Sentinel from The Matrix. Cruise's Major Cage however is not the hero-type here. Killed in the opening minutes of warfare, he awakes to relive the day over and over again. That's the crux of the film as somehow Cruise and Emily Blunt must find a way to firstly survive the beachhead but then find and kill the Omega that controls the Mimics.
Visually this film is very impressive. It is frenetic and action packed with an intelligent premise and two very good performances from Blunt and our Tom. As a big-budget blockbuster it ticks all the boxes. Cruise proves he can still cut it after a few misfires and for director Doug Liman this is a return to form after the criminally awful Jumper and the stuttering Fair Game. Proof that nicking some ideas from science fiction classics can work after all.

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