Southland Tales ★★½

Have you ever seen a movie and desperately wanted to like it? A few years ago I stuck this on and within 15 minutes my wife had had enough and off it went. To say it's a complex story is to give it credit that it probably doesn't quite deserve.
Richard Kelly delivered me my favorite movie of all time with "Donnie Darko".It struck the right balance for me in every way, it asked enough questions and gave little enough away to let you interpret it as you wished. "Southland Tales" however is a bit of a mess. Kelly has so many ideas here that he cannot quite make them into a coherent story. Porn stars, fourth dimensions,futuristic alternative power, government conspiracies, World War III and "The Rock" all combine to confuse the life out of you. It's ballsy, but with so many strands that even when explained still don't make sense, I scratched my head more than once. A cast that includes Justin Timberbollocks, Sean William Scott,a really rough looking Christopher Lambert and my namesake "Buffy Summers", this reached too far, even with it's casting. Again Kelly delivers some really interesting visuals and the first five minutes or so certainly set out an interesting concept that unfortunately for him just didn't work. I admire his dedication to strive for something different and he continues to be original, but this was a huge step too far.

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