Southland Tales ★★½

I've tried here, I've really tried, but this is incomprehensible. I love Richard Kelly's imagination, Donnie Darko is still my favourite film, but almost eleven years after it's release and on this third watch, I'm still none the wiser as to what Kelly was going for here. A science-fiction/comedy drama that has so many strands that it would confuse Dr. Stephen Hawking, Kelly's film starts with an intriguing concept but quickly goes off on too many tangents that dilute exactly what he was striving for. Unable to fully digest everything on view here, it has some great visuals, and an undeniable style, but again it's too manic and disorientated to deliver something coherent. It does have interesting sub-plots involving ripples in the fabric of space and time, blackmail and conspiracy theories, and Dwayne Johnson wondering why he's not wrestling, and it was also nice to see Christopher Lambert back from wherever he'd been for years. Some of the performances are pretty decent, Seann William Scott (why does he have 2 N's in his Christian name?) is interesting, and that scene with Timberlake dancing and miming to The Killers was a highlight. Again this has moments, but when added together becomes a weird trip down the rabbit-hole.

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