Starship Troopers ★★★½

Paul Verhoeven has made the odd film that has divided critics. Everyone has their own idea of what may be considered a guilty pleasure. Our very own Jonathan White declared his love for Verhoeven's Showgirls with a spirited and very well thought out review only a few weeks ago and although I didn't quite appreciate the trashy acting and the often vulgar and satirical tone as much as he did, I could see our favorite Canadian's point.
Starship Troopers seems to have the same sort of issues, but with this one it's backed up by some incredible special effects and a message that's loud and clear from the offset. Verhoeven is toying with us here. He's a satirist and brings all his powers to bear here to satirize everything from the fascist overtones and propaganda to the gung-ho jingoistic mantra of the Mobile Infantry that feels like brainwashed paranoia. Regardless of the terrible acting from the likes of Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, and especially Patrick Muldoon, we still get Clancy Brown's scene-chewing and Michael Ironside's all action Rasczak. The plot is science-fiction hokum, but as an action film it does excite. Military mayhem in space with giant bugs and more than a few really dodgy probes, some of this doesn't even make B-Movie standard, but it's all part of Verhoevens ploy to throw us off guard.
Over the years I've saw the odd bit of this, but as a whole it's very entertaining. The world against the bugs, sign me up as a Roughneck.

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