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  • Roma



    CIFF 2018: film #3

    “it sounds like this. and smells the same”

    completely breathtaking from the first frame to the last. the little in between moments of every day life make this what it is. a film almost full of those moments, and i could watch hours more of them. rain as seen through a window, water dripping into the kitchen sink, and waves thunderously crashing on the beach. a whole film drenched in perpetual wonder, even in it’s darkest…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    CIFF 2019: film #8

    “i’m sorry”
    “me too”

    an absolute stunner. every line was written with care to seamlessly blend comedy and tragedy together. it sometimes comes off as almost too polished (that SCORE!) but grounds itself once again in the realism of how fast things can go from bad to worse. adam driver is particularly good, but my favorite performance has to be laura dern, getting to stretch her legs here with material much better than what big little…

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  • Slow Machine

    Slow Machine


    NYFF 2020: film #19

    “you’re going to be just fine”

    new york mumblecore excellence. this is a little bit alex ross perry with really sharp dialogue all around, holding everything together like glue (as well as a movie like this can). worth noting is an especially great cameo from chloë sevigny in one single scene where she delivers a pretty brilliant monologue in a film filled with pretty brilliant monologues. avoid this if it doesn't seem like your thing, but otherwise i'd recommend checking it out for sure

  • The Plastic House

    The Plastic House

    NYFF 2020: film #17

    life is but a set of experiences, even the ones we make up in our own heads, like stories we tell ourselves. this was abstract and gorgeous in its mundane detail, every shot of a leaf swaying in the wind or sound of rain on a sheet of plastic dug at something deep within me, memories i have buried. a little too vast for me to grasp fully (hence my lack of rating, for now at least) but i really did feel this (and it is something to be felt)

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  • Moonlight



    boyhood: who are you?
    moonlight: i'm you but stronger in every possible way

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    watching this and tenet in the same day has my brain crying out for a lobotomy