Eighth Grade ★★★★½

“just cause things are happening right now, doesn’t mean they’re always gonna happen”

it won me over. and i’m so glad i saw this with friends. otherwise, it probably would have felt a lot heavier than it did. i was able to laugh along with them to things that sometimes did sting moments after our laughter faded away, and then we would continually cringe in unison. i thought people might be overhyping it a bit, but (for me) this really nailed the awkward loneliness that you grow accustomed to at an age where you just can’t figure out how to be anything but awkward and lonely

also: i see everyone discussing the very painful relatability here, but i’m really interested in the conversation about how well it was shot and put together. i was expecting something a lot choppier and maybe even handheld, but the perspective and occasional long takes are so unique that it really drew me in. and the orinoco flow sequence alone made me bump it up half a star. that song is fire

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