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  • Red Post on Escher Street

    Red Post on Escher Street


    I'm sitting here and my body is shaking.

    Dear Sono Sion,
    I bow to you, I salute you, I respect you, I am deeply in love with you and your work. It seems like you still can surprise me.

    I've got to a point where I don't need anything new from your films to love them. Give me the usual Sono and I'll be more than happy.
    And here you are, giving me a film that exceeds my expectations again.…

  • Difficulty Breathing

    Difficulty Breathing


    "Play loud or don't play"

    I did just that, I played it loud and I think my neighbors weren't that happy with that decision. But what do I care, this isn't just some cheesy tagline, that's the only way to watch a movie like this.
    But I'm getting ahead of myself here..

    Where to start? I have no idea..

    I had my eyes on Guy's films for a while now. Not sure what to expect, but reading about the cyberpunk…

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  • FleshEater: Revenge of the Living Dead

    FleshEater: Revenge of the Living Dead


    The ending is kinda anticlimactic. But overall a pretty entertaining little zombie flick, especially for the almost non-existent budget.

  • Ilsa, the Mad Butcher

    Ilsa, the Mad Butcher


    At least a somewhat okay-ish story and interesting characters compared to its predecessor. That helps to get over the whole 90 minutes without too much boredom. The huge amount of nudity and softcore sex helps too, but isn't really anything special.

    It’s all about Sex ..

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  • Burning



    Well, fuck. I did expect something good, but that was way beyond that.

    Where do I even start? Over two hours long and it is a real slow burner (pun intended).Even I was skeptical at the start. I didn't know nothing about the film beforehand, so I was asking myself after some time when will the movie starts to get going. Without realizing how Lee Chang-dong built his world and his characters with nearly perfection already from the beginning. The…

  • Parasite



    I'm serious. It keeps following me.

    There are no words to describe what this movie did to me ..


    I finished the movie 45 minutes ago and still have trouble finding words to describe how incredibly good it was. I'm honestly speechless, I'm shaking, my heart is racing.
    Bong Joon-ho created something that changed me, that will stay with me forever.