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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    "The only medicine is drink!"

    Just showed this film and Us to a friend who hadn't seen either before. I love both films, and they couldn't be more different, but watching them back to back made me aware that they also have a lot of things in common too. Like for one, both are incredible second films from amazing new horror directors and they're both very unlike the previous films that each director made! The future of horror is very bright!

  • The Glenn Miller Story

    The Glenn Miller Story


    "You think I'm kind of rudderless, don't you?"

    I generally don't love bio pics, but I DO love Glenn Miller and Jimmy Stewart!

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  • Elvis



    "He's gonna go on forever!"

    How much you enjoy this will really depend on how much you like Elvis Presley already before it begins. I have no idea why this is 3 hours long. It feels like watching an  assembly cut of a film; There's  plenty that could have been cut, and it's rather unfocused.

    Kurt Russell makes a damn good Elvis though.

  • La Vie en Rose

    La Vie en Rose


    "I'm an artist, what are you!?"

    Pretty basic bio pic that wears its cinematic references on its shoulder. I think the non-linear structure is supposed the emotionally themed, but it's honestly just super random, like somebody just mixed up the scenes haphazardly. And as many have said before, Marion Cotillard's preformance and the production design are great.

    The version I watched didn't bother to translate the songs, and I really wish it did.

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  • Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

    Birdboy: The Forgotten Children


    I don't think I fully "got it," but I really, really dug it.

    How come other countries can do animated features for adults, and when America tries it we just get Sausage Party?

  • Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus

    Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus


    "I ate a baby there!"

    Some things don't change much over time and that's exactly the way people like it. As far as tone and intent Invader Zim hasn't changed at all and fans are going to love that. The major change here is the art direction and design, and that's all greatly improved!

    I'm not even a huge fan of this series and I was pretty into this: Some of the jokes are really great, there's some animation surprises throughout, and I never thought I'd say this but, I think I'd even watch another Invader Zim series if it continued from here!