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  • Chocolat
  • Burning
  • Anatomy of a Murder
  • Rushmore

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  • Bad Education


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  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    FSDO Challenge 2021 #47 — Gael Garcia Bernal

    Like with a lot of Almodovar films, there are several moments in Bad Education that haven’t aged especially well. Still, this might be my favorite of his films. Being about a filmmaker, it’s fun to see this as the evil cousin of Pain and Glory. In Bad Education, filmmaking and storytelling inevitably look manipulative and extractive. The director is a thief, the actor is a liar. Memory and truth are inseparable from…

  • Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter


    Still super cool and amazing production design. Still so muddled and borderline nonsensical plot-wise.

Popular reviews

  • Apples



    PFF 2020 Review #1

    Apples invites immediate comparisons to Yorgos Lanthimos’ films, especially in its portrayal of stilted interactions and bizarro social rituals. However, at the point where Lanthimos would rely on violence and brutality to induce discomfort, Apples goes in a different direction, becoming a surprisingly sweet and emotionally affecting examination of grief and mourning. Saying anything more would spoil too much, and I want everyone to have the same surprising experience I had as a viewer. Special shout-outs…

  • The Ascent

    The Ascent


    FSDO Challenge 2021 #22 — Larisa Shepitko

    My first Shepitko film, and it was quite an experience. The Ascent is a war film with hardly any depiction of battle, besides a couple of brief small-scale skirmishes. It could fairly be called “existentialist” in theme. Seeing the brutal wintry landscape, the viewer has little delusion from the start — these characters are doomed. The dramatic tension comes less from wondering whether they will survive, and more from wondering how these characters…