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  • Scherzo



    Starts out like Memento for romantics/dummies, then feels like your friends have invited you over to watch their vacation videos. It's rather sweet as an intention and the themes of memories, love and the meaning of it all are always nice but personally it didn't manage to hook me emotionally. If it does get you, though, it's definitely a playful (the use of Chopin's Scherzo is lovely) and touching little film.

  • MANZAI Conflict

    MANZAI Conflict

    Knew I wasn't much of a Manzai girl but this cemented it. I mean I admire the level of co-ordination, practice and timing it requires but I very rarely find it funny.
    Other than that, I didn't really get what the point of this dark farce (?) was so maybe I wasn't the right audience to begin with. It's very well shot, though and both actors are strong.

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  • Forgotten



    It's like someone had an idea and then they had another 20 ideas and they thought, let's just throw them all together and it may work. Well, it doesn't but i was curious to see just how complicated this could get which i guess is a win? Sort of, lol.

    I get that it's all been done before but just trying to surprise and engage the viewer by adding more and more twists is rarely successful.

    The ending/final reveal is…

  • Method


    Never trust or marry a method actor. Hot make-out, tho.