The Descent: Part 2 ★★★

After enjoying the first movie a lot more than I anticipated to, of course I had to watch the straight to dvd sequel. This is a tricky movie only because of the different versions released. For the first movie you either saw Sarah escape or you saw Sarah never escaped and she was eventually going to die in the cave. The sequel chose to follow the ending where she escapes. Sarah descends back into the cave with a rescue team and a sheriff who doesn’t believe her story. Decent premise, but that’s about it for this one. This movie unfortunately suffers that straight to dvd feeling and doesn’t have the suspense or horror from the first film. There’s some good “crawler” action in this movie, but it’s hard to get past the twist and also the ending itself. The ending is extremely dumb. There was absolutely no reason for the movie to end the way it did. Hopefully one day we get a proper sequel or a remake of the first film.