Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched the 174 min. director’s cut at the New Beverly– my first film at the New Bev, somehow! Wonderful. A really special film to see in a theater, and very clear how much Tarantino loves this movie ‘cause it’s influence is all over Inglourious Basterds. (And a bunch of other people’s movies!)

I always feel very moved by a movie about how wonderful it is to make or love movies but this isn’t that. This is a movie about the theater as a church. Not in its religious aspect, but in the community of it– how a theater can hold your special memories, can feel like a little town of it’s own, can introduce you to your innermost desires and feel like an escape outside of time and space. I loved that. When it becomes more about Toto’s future life as a director and his long-held love for Elena (too long!) I didn’t love it as much but there’s a beautiful score and a lot of sweet ties back to his life in that theater and his perfect friendship with Alfredo that kept that half afloat. And that final scene is just so lovely. Really great film. Reminded me of how much I loved Radio Days when I saw it in college. A very emotional thing to watch shortly after losing a few local theaters that held my own special memories of Los Angeles. ❤️

“I knew it! 20 years going to the cinema and I’ve never seen a kiss!”

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