Da 5 Bloods

One of my (many) frustrations with Blackkklansman was Spike using real, brutal footage of a woman's murder to close out the film, as if the point couldn't be made without it, and he opens this one with that. Then sort of splices in shots of real, dead, mutilated bodies throughout the movie when you're not expecting them. :( I get what he’s going for, but fuck it is just… not good. Sorry, I’m just truly not interested in seeing it.

This movie is carried on Delroy Lindo's back. And on Jonathan Majors' very jacked arms. It's always a little eye-rolly when movies insist on deeply incorporating Trump and Trump imagery in their films (and I feel VERY weird about the one shot of Trump they use to scold an actual black man) but he's giving a truly fantastic, pained performance as a black Republican with PTSD and I hope he gets Oscars attention for it. Jonathan Majors is so damn jacked. I love them having older actors play their younger selves without any de-aging. Immediately evokes the sense that we’re watching memory play out. Shocked at how jacked Jonathan Majors is. Some scenes feel like they’re just educational monologues unnaturally woven into a story, but it feels a lot less teach-y as it goes along. Was Jonathan Majors this absolutely jacked in Last Black Man in San Francisco?

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