Eighth Grade ★★★★★

three (non-spoilery) thoughts from a second viewing:

1) the final scene of this movie is maybe my favorite scene of any movie released this year

2) there’s a scene where kayla is walking around and talking nervously on the phone, shot in a mid-close up with the camera following her as she walks back and forth, passing a big window. when she passes the window, the light shining through is like a sudden, disorienting flash, and when combined with the constant movement and claustrophobic framing, the shot makes you feel a little dizzy and uneasy, the same way she’s feeling. it’s an outstanding, understated shot and a super impressive directorial move from a first-time filmmaker

3) kayla has a cheat code guide for a pokemon game in the bookmarks of her web browser. now that’s a fuckin extremely real detail of 8th grade

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